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原著論文 2021
P21-01Effects of Mg compounds in hydroxylated calcined dolomite as an effective and sustainable substitute of lime to precipitate as ettringite for treatment of selenite/selenate in aqueous solutionBinglin Guo, Quanzhi Tian, Tsubasa Oji, Lei Wang, Keiko SasakiColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol.610, 5, 125782, Feb.2021
P21-02Hierarchical bismuth vanadate/reduced graphene oxide composite photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and bisphenol A degradationKarthikeyan Sekar, Ahmed Kassam, Yang Bai, Ben Coulson, Wei Li, Richard E Douthwaite, Keiko Sasaki, Adam F LeeApplied Materials Today, Vol.22, 100963, Mar.2021
P21-03Structural characterizations of fly ash-based geopolymer after adsorption of various metal ionsQuanzhi Tian, Keiko SasakiEnvironmental technology, Vol.42, Issue 6, pp.941-951, Mar.2021
P21-04Carbonaceous matter degradation by fungal enzyme treatment to improve Ag recovery from an Au-Ag-bearing concentrateDiego M Mendoza, Kojo T Konadu, Yuji Aoki, Misato Kameya, Keiko SasakiMinerals Engineering, Vol.163, 15, 106768, Mar.2021
P21-05High-efficiency and low-carbon remediation of zinc contaminated sludge by magnesium oxysulfate cementBinglin Guo, Yongshan Tan, Lei Wang, Liang Chen, Zuliang Wu, Keiko Sasaki, Viktor Mechtcherine, Daniel C.W. TsangJournal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.408, 15, 124486, Apr.2021
P21-06Effect of Si/Al molar ratio on the immobilization of selenium and arsenic oxyanions in geopolymerQuanzhi Tian, Changshuai Chen, MengMeng Wang, Binglin Guo, Haijun Zhang, Keiko SasakiEnvironmental Pollution, Vol.274, 1, 116509, Apr.2021
P21-07A promising Zn-Ti layered double hydroxide/Fe-bearing montmorillonite composite as an efficient photocatalyst for Cr(VI) reduction: Insight into the role of Fe impurity in montmorilloniteChitiphon Chuaicham, Yihuang Xiong, Karthikeyan Sekar, Weinan Chen, Li Zhang, Bunsho Ohtani, Ismaila Dabo, Keiko SasakiApplied Surface Science, Vol.546, 30, 148835, Apr.2021
P21-08Carbon-Assisted Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite and Three Chalcopyrite/Enargite-Bearing Complex ConcentratesKeishi OYAMA, Kyohei TAKAMATSU, Kaito HAYASHI, Yuji AOKI, Shigeto KUROIWA, Tsuyoshi HIRAJIM, Naoko OkibeMinerals, Vol.11, 4, 432, Apr.2021
P21-09Surfactant-and template-free hydrothermal assembly of Cu2O visible light photocatalysts for trimethoprim degradationKarthikeyan Sekar, Chitiphon Chuaicham, Umamahesh Balijapalli, Wei Li, Karen Wilson, Adam F Lee, Keiko SasakiApplied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vo.284, 5, 119741, May2021
P21-10Single-step synthesis of oxygen-doped hollow porous graphitic carbon nitride for photocatalytic ciprofloxacin decompositionChitiphon Chuaicham, Karthikeyan Sekar, Yihuang Xiong, Vellaichamy Balakumar, Yanisa Mittraphab, Kuniyoshi Shimizu, Bunsho Ohtani, Ismaila Dabo, Keiko SasakiChemical Engineering Journal, 130502, May2021
P21-11Elution characteristics of undesirable anionic species from fly ash blended cement in different aqueous solutionsKeiko Sasaki, Shingo Nakama, Quanzhi Tian, Binglin Guo, Mengmeng Wang, Ryoichi Takagi, Tomohiko TakahashiJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Vol.9, Issue 3, 105171, Jun.2021
P21-12Synthesis and characterization of defective UiO-66 for efficient co-immobilization of arsenate and fluoride from single/binary solutionsSubbaiah Muthu PRABHU, Chitiphon CHUAICHAM, Chang Min PARK, Byoung-Hun JEON, Keiko SASAKIEnvironmental Pollution, Vol.278, 1, 116841, Jun.2021
P21-13Environmental impact of amino acids on the release of selenate immobilized in hydrotalcite: Integrated interpretation of experimental and density-functional theory studyMengmeng Wang, Hirofumi Akamatsu, Ismaila Dabo, Keiko SasakiChemosphere, Vol.274, 129927, Jul.2021
P21-14Cubic Cu2O nanoparticles decorated on TiO2 nanofiber heterostructure as an excellent synergistic photocatalyst for H2 production and sulfamethoxazole degradationKarthikeyan SEKAR, Chitiphon CHUAICHAM, Balakumar VELLAICHAMY, Wei LI, Wei ZHUANG, Xiaohua LU, Bunsho OHTANI, Keiko SASAKIApplied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.294, 5, 120221, Oct.2021
P21-15A simple tactic synthesis of hollow porous graphitic carbon nitride with significantly enriched photocatalytic performanceVellaichamy Balakumar, Manivannan Ramalingam, Chitiphon Chuaicham, KARTHIKEYAN SEKAR, Keiko SasakiChemical Communications, in press, Jun.2021
P21-16Synergistic metal-free porous CN-PPy-MMt nanocomposite for efficient photocatalytic metronidazole mineralization performance, mechanism and pathwaysVellaichamy Balakumar, Sekar Karthikeyan, Chitiphon Chuaicham, Ramalingam Manivannan, Keiko SasakiEnvironmental Science: Nano, in press, Jun.2021
P21-17Environmental impact of amino acids on selenate-bearing hydrocalumite: experimental and DFT studiesMengmeng WANG, Hirofumi AKAMATSU, Ismaila DABO, Keiko SASAKIEnvironmental Pollution, in press, 2021
P21-18Influence of amino acids on the mobility of iodide from hydrocalumiteMengmeng WANG, Hirofumi AKAMATSU, Keiko SASAKIMinerals, in press, 2021