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With pioneering new ideas, we contribute to the development of resources and environmental fields that can coexist with the global environment!

We are conducting daily research with the aim of developing new resource separation and refining technologies that will lead to the future and technologies for environmental remediation associated with mining. In our laboratory, one of our focuses is to grow a future good human resource in society who are strong both physically and mentally.
We always welcome students who want to work on science (basic science) that leads to technology, who like thinking, who like experimenting, and who like university life and want to enrich their student lives!
Conducting chemistry and microbiology experiments using the latest technology, we carefully observe objects and circumstances and perform experiments by moving our hands. We have a lot of international students and researchers and have quite a lot of opportunities to participate in domestic and international conferences. We aim to be a laboratory that is fulfilling those who aim to play an active role in the international community, always stimulates curiosities of each one, and can grow both physical and mental for all.

About Mineral Processing, Recycling & Environmental Remediation Laboratory

Research target

Our targets are not only natural earth resources but also ground resources such as urban mine waste.
In addition to separating and refining usable resources with a new approach, we are studying technologies for repairing environmental pollution (water and soil pollution) associated with mining.

For example, in the case of "copper", copper ore is first dug out, and the quality of copper is improved through a sorting and smelting process to finally obtain metallic copper. However, since the mined copper ore also contains impurities such as harmful arsenic, it is necessary to have a technology to separate the necessary elements from the harmful elements. We are conducting pioneering research on the development of such advanced resource separation and purification technologies, smelting methods that utilize microbial reactions, and environmental remediation technologies that use next-generation environmental purification materials.

In addition, as a technology development partner, we actively engage in joint research with resource development-related companies and foreign universities and have intensive discussions at international conferences, learn about the current condition of overseas resource-producing countries and the latest environmental remediation technologies. Our cutting-edge researches build an international relationship of mutual trust.

Calendar of Laboratory

  • ★ We practice many activities, such as enjoying team sports as student exchange and holding cultural events such as travels.
  • ★ Having many foreign students and researchers in our laboratory makes here an international environment where lively discussions are always held in English.
  • So far, students have had the opportunity to make presentations at international conferences held in Spain, France, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, China, the United States, etc.
  • ★ We developed very strong teamwork because we have been working together and earnestly engaging in research and various activities.
  • ★ As training to become a member of society, students share roles and are involved in overall laboratory management.